Google penalty : A reconsideration request that always works

Thetis prying ZeusSometimes, you must recognize your wrongs and just ask for forgiveness. If you used bad SEO tactics (voluntary or involuntary) and get a Google’s manual penalty, you must fill a true reconsideration request.

If your site have been penalized, there are two things that you and every internet marketer need to know about the reconsideration request :

First, Most of these requests leads to negative responses saying you that there are still problems to solve on your website… without telling you where exactly .

Second, most of these requests are written in the wrong way and that is the reason why Google’s answers are often negative .

Today, one day before the feast of deads, I suggest you raise your website with this example that always works, if you want to fill a great reconsideration request, to revive a site … Happy reading and take time to customize your own request. 🙂

Dear Googler ,

I am Jean Claude Dusse , a french guy who recently started on Internet and especially in the field of Made for Adsense website, through my little baby

The purpose of my site is to provide to users, greats and unique tips to help and assist them in choosing the best mattress. Unfortunately I just got a message on Google webmaster tools informing me of a manual penalty against my site because of fake and poor quality links.

Unfortunately for me I’m realizing just now the extent of my mistakes. I know to be the responsible of this situation and therefore take full responsibility of it. But my error is mainly due to a lack of experience rather than a deliberate desire to spam Google’s SERPs.

Hoping you can raise the penalty hanging over my site here are some details of what was done before the penalty and what was done after, or at least after my being warned of it.

It’s true that I have established tons of poor quality links, but that was due to a stupid mistake made before an unfortunate blast. While I was at the same time working on a new internet project (a new MFA, I stupidly used the wrong csv file and accidentally blasted on thousands of websites with the wrong spin tax (which was optimized for poker tips).

I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s the real truth, and this is the only reason why you are seeing poor quality links pointing to my web site. I guess you can imagine that I never intended to use spin texts themed on poker to create links to a mattress themed website, it makes no sense right ?

So I decided to remove all these bad quality links to show you my good faith . With the aim of saving your time, I had chosen to use the disavow tool rather that contact webmasters and waiting months to get an answer from all these mother fuckerz. That’s how i revoked 10,000 backlinks. Unfortunately incorrigible end airhead that I am, in a hurry I used again the wrong csv file and stupidly revoked 10,000 older links that were perfectly themed… and many of them coming from .edu sites.

So I had to reuse Google disavow tool (paying attention to use the right csv that time). Of course, I was forced to launch a new massive submission with Sick submitter to get again all the backlinks and Page Rank that i just accidentally lost. I also took the opportunity to refine my spins and this time I set polymorphic spins on 4 spin levels, to ensure the quality that I consider fundamental on Internet. I no longer use Senuke when i need to create tons of links, (Sick submitter being much more flexible), but I still use it to verify the uniqueness of contents controlling the percent of similarity. For these new spuned articles I get a great and amazing 40% of uniqueness, score that I never got before. I hope through this example to clearly demonstrated both the honesty of my intentions, and secondly how I contribute to your anti duplicate content and anti spam strategy.

Moreover, also if my site was only penalized for poor quality links, I wanted to show one more time my good faith, trying to improve other stuff that you were not talking about on the GWT message. To protect my users from keyword stuffing and « undrinkable keywords repetitions », I rewritten my content caring to, being 100 % natural way and reaching 20% keyword density. Please do not worry about these changes because thanks to an IP detecting system I made sure to present to Google Bot a best optimized content (50 % keyword density) to help you well understand my topic. As you can see, I m started to think about accessibility rather than SEO.

Finally, I also decided to develop a real social media marketing strategy and that’s why I became active on social networks … very, very active.

Day and night, I post interesting content on facebook and twitter. As you can see in just four days I got no less than 14,000 likes. To be honest, having not enough information yet about the Google Plus impact on organics rankings, I didn’t really cared of it, but I promise to give it soon a deeper look, and why not starting to use it more than Facebook or twitter (please just confirm to me it’s impact on ranking and how you treat these signals, I promise that I’ll never say this secret). Anyway all these changes will be successful for my internet business, but also an example of search engine friendly strategy for the entire web ! I really hope that many people will follow my steps on providing great content for both users and search engines.

Again I hope you will forgive my website for this unfortunate blast, but please take in mind that it was involuntary, and secondly… if you think about it one second… my website did nothing wrong, I m the only one that clicked on the Sick Submit button … not my website.

Waiting for your answer to this reconsideration request (that i m quiet sure it’ll be positive), I remain at your disposal for any additional information and go back to work (A new website project in the luxury shoes niche)

Best Regards,

Jean Claude Dusse

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